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Tree Worxx Top 5 Tips for

Pre-storm & Hurricane Safety


  1. Prune back your trees a good 3-4 foot buffer away from your home, garage, fence and carports.
  2. Remove all tree limbs overhanging utilities, roof lines, within the drop diameter of surrounding structures.
  3. Brace arbors and pavilions. Stake all recently planted trees.
  4. Canopy - thin - and clean out dense trees to reduce wind load.
  5. Remove trees and leaning trees weakened by storms or construction damage.
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Tree Worxx Top 11 Tips & Blog


  1. During Summer Months best to use slow release organic fertilizers.
  2. Landscape Plants - New Plants - Fertilize Microlife Maxium Bloom
  3. Best to feed Azaleas & Roses every 3 months
  4. Foliar Spray - Every 30 days during growing season
  5. Garlic has many uses - Helps control Fungicide & Brown Patch
  6. Ant Control - Insect growth regulator ( Organic Combo - Liquid Pyrethrin &      Organic Azamax)
  7. Mosquito Barrier - (Organic Combo - Pyrethrin, Garlic, Cedar Oil Cocktail ) Also helps control ticks & flees
  8. Lawn - Organic  Gypsum Soil Conditioner - loosens soil for better      water consumption
  9. Tree Gator Bags - Slow release water solutions for trees ( 1" to 8" caliper )
  10. Arbor Jet - Organic Insect & Pest Control Tree & Root Injections


More Tips for Weeds & Weed Control


  1. Corn Gluten for weeds & weed control
  2. Soil needs to be moist before it can go to work. As the weeds also love a good shower of rain before germination this works well.
  3. But ideal weed killing conditions occur when the emerging weed seedlings encounter a drier period. With virtually no root they can't survive.
  4. Note that Corn Gluten does not control weed seed emergence under irrigation systems or where the soil is continually moist.
  5. Naturally the power of Corn Gluten diminishes over time as it should. A second application before the summer recess is probably advisable.
  6. Also, as many weeds germinate in the fall, an application at the end of summer should give effective weed control in good conditions and fewer weeds now, means less work in future.


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