We provide, deliver, plant & install a wide variety of trees suited for Houston and surrounding areas.

Planting container grown or balled & burlap trees is an easy and effective way to beautify your property, providing shade in the summer months ,and wind protection in the winter, enhancing privacy and increasing your real estate value at the same time. Houston trees are such a visible part of our city's rural landscape, proper care and annual fertilization is a must to ensure proper growth conditions are easily maintained.



1. Upon planting or transplanting trees, after digging out your old soil, we replace it with a good quality,well-drained loamy soil.


2. We then concentrate on thinning out the upper portion of tree branches to reduce wind load and resistance.


3. We also provide proper tree staking to the size and scope of work-planting.


4. Tree stakes are buried at least 1.5 feet underground to provide ample support.


5. On most larger trees we arguer soil and place

14" - 36" deep drip watering stakes surrounding your newly planted tree.


6.Associated with planting, delivering & movement of trees from one location to another, some tree and plants will become stressed and suffer root loss.


7.So proper fertilization plays a major role when planting your trees.


8. Depending on the time of year, we use a variety of organic tree & shrub fertilizers.


9. For your easy watering care and maintenance ,we arguer soil and place 14" - 36" deep drip watering stakes surrounding your newly planted tree(s).



Did you know that your larger existing trees could easily need - use up to 30 gallons of water a day?


Houston is no stranger to droughts. A good sign your tree lacks water is to visibly see smaller and larger dead branches at the very top of the tree.


This is a very good indication water is not reaching the top of your trees.


To encourage ideal root  growth, moisture - watering  levels should reach a depth of 12 to 18 inches below yours soil surface.


A good way to catch up your trees watering schedule is to water tree[s] with a slow trickle 2 hours - one time a week for the first month.


1 hour a week for the second month. And drop it down to 30 minuets - 1 time a week the third month.


Water apparatuses needed - A 5 gallon bucked with small pin holes in it. Fill it up as needed.


You can also use a drip line or soaker hose. Rap about a 50 foot water hose around tree spacing them apart every 2-3 feet.


Turn on your water to a slow trickle. If you don't have the time to monitor watering times.

An easier way is to buy and add a timer to your outside faucet, hose or watering apparatus.


To help your trees shrubs and flowers promote air penetration, conserve moister and water consumption, it's best to add a compost hardwood mulch at least 2-3" thick surrounding trees and bedding areas.


Mulching in the winter months will also help insulate your all your yards plants, landscaping and trees.




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